I’m an actor, trainer, tutor, director, drama facilitator and theatre practitioner, I have worked for over two and a half decades with disadvantaged and disaffected groups locally, regionally, nationally, in Europe and increasingly Internationally. I  have won contracts developing drama-based projects and learning programmes in project delivery, development and management, particularly in the areas of criminal justice, community arts, local authority, education and social services.

As a Arts Development Practitioner and founder member of Noh Budget Films (est. 1991)  I have project managed numerous creative projects from conception to completion. Through NBF I have won contracts with organisations and funders focusing on health and wellbeing, mental health, social care, substance misuse, housing and regeneration, youth services and community development, prison & probation, special educational settings across the UK.

I have been directly trained by various teachers, directors, mentors, and creative practitioners globally over the years as much of the work i do is because of them including Keith Johnstone, Alan Marriott, Mick Napier, Augusto Boal, John Wright, Saul Hewish, Chris Johnston, Clark Baim, Adam Blatner and practitioners from the Theatre in Prisons & Probation Network and Psychodrama Network . I undertake regular contracts with NGO’s (Nicaragua, Australia, Hawaii, Bolivia, Slovenia Canada, India, Jamaica, South Africa, and throughout Europe) and was recently commissioned by National Alliance for Arts in Criminal Justice, the National Body for Arts in Criminal Justice and Social Inclusion to run a series of train the trainer training programmes for educators.

I use drama and theatre to encourage self-awareness and to assist individuals in exploring the idea of change and the impact that it may have on their lives. Within this framework they consider the complex web of connections between personal behaviour, choice and responsibility and broader social, economic and political factors.

I also develop multimedia based projects and programmes that explore the impact of behaviour on adults & young people and people at risk, their families and others. This is achieved by, looking at the causes and consequences of the actions that have led them to act/offend.

The projects and programmes themselves vary from more recreational, usually drama-based activities leading to theatre or digital multimedia productions, to projects and programmes that analyse and challenge behaviour and help them resist the forces of exclusion and institutionalisation as well build and develop key social/life skills.

Within these projects and programmes personal histories of a person can become the content of the session(s). Drama methodologies are used to explore the behaviour in question: what factors led to the offending behaviour/criminal action, could different decisions have been taken? Who suffers? What are the underlying drives?

I believe in the notion that individuals have the capacity to respond in different ways to pressures from friends, families or environment. Anti social behaviour is not always an inevitable consequence of personal difficulties, nor can it be validated as a career option. Other strategies are always available. To access and understand these however requires the participant to use imagination to deconstruct and critique what is familiar, and to envision alternative behaviours. The creative and performing arts have a particular appropriateness in offering a language within which these arguments and speculations can take place.

In my opinion and experience the most commonly cited benefits of my work (listed below) falls into two categories. One relates to the creative activity itself (e.g. participation in a drama workshop resulting in an improvement in acting skills). The other is by-product of the activity (e.g. an increase in self-confidence or communication skills).

  1. Educational achievement (learning about through an arts subject – basic and key skills)
  2. Improved attitudes and behaviour
  3. A reduced rate of re-offending
  4. Better ways of relating to other people
  5. Artistic, personal and social development (self-expression, communication, problem solving skills, team work etc)
  6. Fosters family and community ties
  7. Enhances learners’ ability to lead fulfilling lives in the community

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  1. Hey Tony,

    We received word that you are coming to South Africa from Artslink.co.za. Would you mind terribly sending us your c.v? I’d just like to pass it on to our company director, Yvette Hardie.

    Your work sounds wonderful and I look forward to hearing from you

  2. Annamaria Vacchelli says:

    Thank you for your work.
    Power to the people.
    I just finished a project using Art Therapy with Young People in a deprived urban area where crime and gangs culture is the “only” reality…….
    Using creativity, refraining from interpretation and showing genuine interest in their ideas and thoughts offered the adolescents a vehicle for non- threatening communication, pure joy and experimentation directed toward appropriate individuation.

    • Tony Cealy says:

      Hi Annamaria

      If your still interested I have new training workshops for you, you can see them all on my training page on my website.

      Best wishes


  3. colin skyers says:

    Your email to Maria has been passed to me for action, I am the person at St Giles Trust responsible for Learning and Development, you can use the either address above to get in touch or you can call me on 0207 708 8015/ 07875143330. I am sure there are areas where we can work together.
    I look forward to hearing from you .

  4. It appears you actually know quite a lot with regards
    to this particular subject and that shows through this specific blog,
    labeled “Tony Cealy | Noh Budget Films Training and Workshops”.
    Many thanks ,Kayleigh

  5. This unique blog post, “Tony Cealy |
    Noh Budget Films Training and Workshops” displays that u know
    what precisely u r talking about! I personally totally am in agreement.
    Many thanks ,Cleo

  6. Ria says:

    Hello Tony,
    I am a theatre maker and activist based in Nottingham. I am inspired by what you are doing. In particular your sessions to create a scene on the street. I would like to do something similar in Nottingham. I wonder if I could come and meet you and come to a few groups and see if I think I can do something similar in Nottingham. What do you think?
    All the very best,
    Ria. x

  7. Great! Hope we’ll work together on a local or regional project! Let’s discuss

  8. Eva Tumwesigye says:

    Hi Tony
    I have received your message. Am not in office today. I will call you first thing tomorrow morning.
    Education and Research Officer

  9. Josephine says:

    Hi Tony, it’s Josephine with the dreads of softpower education I really need to hear from you again.

  10. Celia says:

    I am very in to theatre of the oppressed. I am interested to get in contact with you and see if I can visit one of your workshops. I am living in London. please write me to my email. otakuibuki@hotmail.com

  11. Hi
    Your recent trip to APP was fantastic. continue with your great work for the disadvantaged.

  12. Baz says:

    hi Tony
    your link on
    is missing the . (dot) before the com
    and so is broken
    thought you’d like to know

  13. Bilal Dunn says:

    Hi Tony
    Spoke with Easimus Jones who I believe has forwarded the two of us an introductory email.

    Just wanted to open up the dialogue as I feel there may be much which may prove to be of mutual benefit… Look forward to hearing from you.


  14. Hello Tony
    I saw your listing for your workshop, which led me to read more on your website. I am emailing to see if you ever seek other artists to collaborate on projects? I have some experience using art as cathartic process, and I am including some webpage links. I specialise in working with photography, video and interactive software for video, sound and lighting designs for performance or exhibitions. I have a current DRB check. I am looking for arts projects and employment opportunities in London and the South East. I have ten years college level teaching experience also.
    Sending you my best regards,
    Jamie Griffiths (Ms)

    Mobile 07548 323 095

  15. Jamie Griffiths says:

    Hi Again, oops thought that was sending an email, but it posted a comment. Well, hello world :) Thanks! Jamie

    • Tony Cealy says:

      Hi Felix

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I am interested.

      Lets arrange a meeting to discuss further.

      Please let me have dates times your available.

      07956 877358

  16. kenyasue says:

    Thanks Brother Tony

    Eye am signing up now.

    • Tony Cealy says:

      Greetings Sista

      If your still interested I have new training workshops for you, you can see them all on my training page on my website.

      Best wishes


  17. Rachel Stower says:

    Dear Tony, I would like to take part in the Boal workshop weekend, can you book me a place. Rachel Stower

  18. Sam Redway says:

    Hi Tony

    I have seen a call out for creative facilitators to work on a project with noh budget films but I can’t access the information. I am a very experienced facilitator of theatre/arts for empowerment, social change and justice and I am really interested in the work you do. is there an email address I can send my stuff over to and maybe meet to talk about it?



  19. sumer singh says:

    Hi Tony,
    How are you? What is new at your end. Tell me.

    Sumer Singh
    Director, Citi Entertainment Network, Chandigarh, India

  20. omalone1 says:

    Gwiz, where is the radio project info?

  21. Kalpana Natarajan says:

    hi! hru — tony 2 read yr vderi impressive profile. V r together 4 the Rome programme bet 23 – 28 Oct, 2015. Would like 2 say hello 2 u – pl call me on 07410 977427 – or let me hv yr moby no tks – kalpana

    • Tony Cealy says:

      Hi Kalpana

      I hope you had a good time in Italy. If your still interested I have new training workshops for you, you can see them all on my training page on my website.

      Best wishes


  22. Sebari says:

    Hi Tony. How are you?

  23. simona ioppolo says:

    Hi Tony! I would like to be booked in For Your next training Beyond Resistance. Could you please let me know how and by when to make the payment? Thanks a lot! Simona

    • Tony Cealy says:

      Hi Simona

      You can book and secure your place by downloading the course information guide on my training page.
      Any problems let me know.

      Best wishes

  24. Tony Cealy says:

    Hi Dan

    If your still interested I have new training workshops for you, you can see them all on my training page on my website.

    Best wishes


  25. Sadie Nichols says:

    Hi Tony
    Do you have spaces left for your workshop Beyond Resistance in London May 19? If so I would love to book a place please and can put a cheque in the post to you tomorrow…
    Kind regards

  26. Zoie Golding says:

    Dear Tony,

    Will you be running sessions in London Spring 2017?? Just planning on when I might be able to attend a two day workshop.

    Kindest regards


  27. Fiammetta Wegner says:

    Hi Tony!

    We are a small group of 4 students with different experiences of theatre and forum theatre. We are doing a Master in Development Studies and participation at the Institute of Development Studies in Brighton. We are interested in participatory methods and theatre of the oppressed.

    We would like to run a small research project with you. We are still formulating a research question but we would like to understand whether forum theatre makes people feel empowered.

    This is a very small and participatory research project, we only have a few weeks (about one month and a half in total but not continuative) and would like, and need, to participate in some of your activities and maybe sit down with some members of your organisation and some of the people that participate in your activities to ask some questions but in a very informal way and only if you think that would be ok.

    We are really eager to learn from your experience and would be happy to chat more to explain our ideas and also hear how we could make this project useful to you as well.

    Please let us know if this sounds interesting to you as we would be super happy to do something together with you!!



  28. Hi Tony,
    My name is Gavin Shepherd from Premier New Schools. We are conducting research into interactive/ theatre based workshop providers of PSHE topics and compliments to the curriculum across England.
    If convenient it would be very helpful to have information on the topic covered, facilitation methods, and if possible the cost per session.
    Please do not hesitate to contact myself on: 07734706342
    I appreciate your time in responding to this, and very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest Regards, Gavin Shepherd

    Gavin Shepherd
    About Premier New Schools
    Premier New Schools was established by senior directors from leading education consultancies and successful multi academy trusts. Our primary purpose is to deliver high quality support to schools, academies, and trusts to meet the challenges of a changing education landscape. Since 2010, the founding directors of Premier New Schools have worked on hundreds of successful academy and free school projects. During this time, we have undertaken a range of roles including project management, support for free school applications, providing strategic advice, education consultancy and school improvement.

  29. Robert says:

    Hi Tony,

    Contact me for an event that will change many people’s environment and tacitly facilitate community cohesion.

    Lead by young people and to take place in Tottenham.

    “DOC” is the new word!

    best regards


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